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Wolfram|Alpha Launches App for iPad, Now Available in Apple App Store for $1.99

Published April 2, 2010

Delivers the elegant functionality of Wolfram|Alpha on iPad

Wolfram Alpha LLC today announced the immediate availability of theWolfram|Alpha App for iPad on the App Store. The Wolfram|Alpha App delivers the innovative technology of Wolfram|Alpha, tailored to the unique capabilities of iPad.

With a sleek interface leveraging iPad’s Multi-Touch capabilities and full-sized keyboard, the Wolfram|Alpha App for iPad showcases Wolfram|Alpha’s growing repository of curated data, delivering factual knowledge quickly and interactively. More information on the app, including a full product description and screenshots, are at its website.

“The new iPad app is the best way yet to experience the magic of Wolfram|Alpha,” said Barak Berkowitz, Managing Director of Wolfram|Alpha. “We are increasing the accessibility of Wolfram|Alpha’s immeasurable knowledge and resources by extending our capabilities to this important new platform. And given the recent app price reduction to $1.99, we envision both iPhone and iPad owners utilizing Wolfram|Alpha anywhere and everywhere.”

iPad promises to revolutionize the ways users interact with Wolfram|Alpha. Equipped with a large 1024×768 pixel display as well as improved navigation capabilities, iPad enhances the Wolfram|Alpha experience, encouraging complete engagement with the app. Serving as a sleek, accessible resource for discovering useful information, the Wolfram|Alpha App for iPad instantly delivers facts beautifully and intuitively.

“The display on iPad transforms the Wolfram|Alpha App,” said Schoeller Porter, Wolfram|Alpha’s Architect, Developer Relations. “Where the strength of the iPhone lies in immediate access to knowledge when and where you need it, the iPad experience is more intimate. It invites and encourages you to explore the breadth of Wolfram|Alpha’s abilities.”

This release introduces a highly requested feature: the ability to store results from queries on iPad so they can be accessed offline. In addition, the Wolfram|Alpha App now instantly computes the answers to arithmetic queries as you type.

The Wolfram|Alpha app for iPad is the latest in a line of recent announcements aimed at making Wolfram|Alpha widely available and accessible. The company also just announced the launch of a free mobile-optimized website built from the ground up for ease of use on smartphones and for high performance over 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Further, Wolfram|Alpha simultaneously reduced the price for the Wolfram|Alpha App for the iPhone and iPod touch from $49.99 to $1.99. Together with the new iPad app, these developments open Wolfram|Alpha to millions of new users across the globe.

Josh Jones-Dilworth
Jones-Dilworth, Inc. for Wolfram|Alpha