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SENACYT Adopts Mathematica for National Curriculum in Panama

Published June 1, 2011

Wolfram Research announced today that it has recently partnered with the National Secretariat for Science, Technology, and Innovation (SENACYT) of the Republic of Panama to provide access to Mathematica in all computer-accessible high schools and universities countrywide.

This agreement impacts SENACYT’s overall goal to strengthen, support, and boost modernization in the Panamanian academic and research sectors through the development of science, technology, and innovation. Making Mathematica available as part of the national curriculum, SENACYT is providing much-needed support to the Ministry of Education of Panama (MEDUCA) to aid in the modernization of education throughout the country.

“Scientific and technological growth and innovation is undoubtedly one of the most important factors needed to make Panama globally competitive both economically and socially. The SENACYT aims to make Panama a global leader in Latin America and the world over, and Mathematica will help us do that,” said Director of Innovation in Learning Dra. Marisa M. de Talavera. “Mathematica provides an interactive learning environment with stunning graphics and an easy-to-use interface that’s perfect for younger students while offering the robust computation engine necessary for cutting-edge research at the university level and beyond. We truly see Mathematica as the complete solution for education in Panama.”

Mathematica‘s system licensing programs have proven very successful in large aggregate systems. The ever-changing global economy coupled with the vast changes in Mathematica make it more readily useful to students and schools of all ages; we have relied on our past decade of experience supporting IT and new users alike under these system licensing programs and look forward to rolling out this success to Panama as well. Working with SENACYT to provide the software they need to meet their goals and bring transformative technology into their classrooms is very exciting,” said Cliff Hastings, Director of Academic Initiatives at Wolfram Research. “The SENACYT is committed to providing students with an edge throughout their education and prepare them for future careers, and Mathematica will be an ideal tool to help them achieve that goal.”

In support of this agreement, Wolfram Research has already begun holding seminars and training for teachers throughout Panama, adding to the catalog of localized learning resources available. In addition, SENACYT recently opened 240 free internet learning centers throughout Panama that will also serve as regional training centers for Mathematica and other important learning tools. For further information on how Mathematica is being used in these schools, please contact Tonya Geese at Wolfram Research, USA.

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