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British Prime Minister David Cameron Opened the New Headquarters of Wolfram Research Europe

Published February 24, 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron opened the new headquarters of Wolfram Research Europe Ltd., a custom-built office in Oxfordshire, UK.
Visiting the European home of the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine, the Prime Minister met staff from Wolfram Research and discussed their approach to democratizing government data.

“It’s interesting how much Wolfram|Alpha’s aims chime with the Prime Minister’s 2010 TED Talk about people empowerment in a ‘post bureaucratic age,'” said Conrad Wolfram, Co-founder and CEO of Wolfram Research Europe.

During his tour he also met the team working on ComputerBasedMath.org, the project to build a completely new math curriculum with computer-based computation at its heart; was briefed about the next generation of interactive documents, the Computable Document Format (CDF); and heard about how Mathematica technology is driving engineering and science development.

The Wolfram Centre provides additional office space for the expansion of Wolfram Research consulting, R&D, and sales divisions and offers dedicated training facilities.

Wolfram Research is often described as the company where computation meets knowledge—combining world-leading innovation in computation and its accessibility with the long-term goal of making all systematic knowledge immediately computable by everyone. Its flagship product, Mathematica, has been accelerating scientific developments since 1988. Wolfram|Alpha was released in 2009, and CDF was released in 2011.