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Wolfram Supports Growing Spanish-Speaking Mathematica User Base

Published August 21, 2012

Wolfram today announced the availability of the Spanish Language Kit for Mathematica Version 8 along with a host of learning resources designed to enhance the learning experience for the Spanish-speaking community.

First launched for Mathematica Version 7 in 2009, the Spanish Language Kit was created in response to a growing demand from Spanish-speaking Mathematica users around the world. The latest version of the Spanish Language Kit has been expanded to support thousands of new Mathematica users thanks to the popularity of countrywide licensing structures in Latin America, pioneered by National Secretariat for Science, Technology, and Innovation (SENACYT) of the Republic of Panama last year.

Mathematica offers a comprehensive environment for the development of teaching and learning tools in K-12 education, while it also enables students to tackle more complex challenges as they carry on to higher education and industry research settings,” said Dr. Leda Muñoz, Executive Director at Fundación Omar Dengo.

The Spanish Language Kit for Mathematica, which can be downloaded and installed from the Wolfram Knowledge Base, provides users with a Spanish interface for Mathematica (v8.0.4). Once installed, the Spanish Language Kit gives users access to menu commands, dialog boxes, and palettes in Spanish, while also providing the ability to switch back and forth between Spanish and English as they please. Users will continue to experience the same powerful functionality of Mathematica in the comfort of their preferred language.

“With the Panama country-wide initiative and a host of additional organizations adopting Mathematica after the introduction of the Spanish Language Kit, we are excited to expand further with this release,” said Roy Alvarez, Internationalization Strategist for Wolfram. “Whether teaching, learning, or doing research in math, physics, engineering, economics, chemistry, and more, Mathematica and the Spanish Language Kit have become the clear choices of students, teachers, and professionals in Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.”

In addition to the Spanish Language Kit, Wolfram offers complete documentation, support, and learning materials, many of which are also available in Spanish. Users can access the Wolfram Knowledge Base in Spanish for FAQs about topics on installation, activation, and troubleshooting. Many screencasts, tutorials, and videos are also available in Spanish—users can visit the Learning Center to take advantage of these and other resources.

The Spanish Language Kit is a free download to Mathematica 8.0.4 users and is available for Windows and Mac.